Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have had migraine headaches for many years until my father in law told me about Dr. Chad. I finally made the choice to try chiropractic after being unsuccessful in seeing many other doctors including a Neuro doctor. My first appointment was easy and I felt relieved that my pain was coming to an end. I felt instant relief from my headache after my first adjustment!

After only a few more adjustments I was 120% better. Now, 2 years later I don't have headaches as I did. When I feel the pain starting to come back I can call and get in ASAP to see Dr. Chad and I am back to my normal life."

- Heather

"I came to see Dr. Chad in 2005. I had trouble with my back and neck. He was very professional and caring. I now continue to see him on a regular basis to keep me in shape. Dr. Chad also has a great staff working for him and I recommend him."

- Glenda

"I love HealthWise Chiropractic because of their flexibility in scheduling, the awesome staff, and, of course, the way I feel better after my appointment. Dr. Nekl always makes sure my problem points are taken care of and makes me understand the importance of my adjustment. I can't say enough of HealthWise ~ they are the best!"
- Suzanne

"When I found HealthWise I had searched that would help my back and Dr. Chad did that for me. He is a very caring Christian doctor. It is very comfortable at the office and the staff is very friendly and caring. The location of the office is very easy to find and it is easy to get in for a treatment."

- Sue

"My children and I have been coming here for 7 years. When I call for an appointment they always do their best to fit myself and my family in. They are all so friendly, nice, and kind. I have had a lot of medical issues in the past that he was able to help me with. I have been pleased over the years knowing if Dr. Chad needed to refer me to another physician he was an honest and knowledgeable source to go to right away. I love having a Chiropractor whom I trust to treat my entire family! Thanks, Dr. Chad & Staff!"

- Tina

"I like HealthWise because they serve to my schedule!! Each time I come in it helps my condition and I leave feeling great. I also love that they are very friendly and personable there."

- Tom

"Dr. Chad is so friendly and helpful and has done wonders for me. I love the free water table and they usually can get me in for treatment whenever I want."

- Carol

"After seeing Dr. Nekl for my treatment I noticed remarkable changes in how I feel. I have almost eliminated my headaches and have a better posture. I also am experiencing more movement and agility in my neck and shoulders. I am very thankful that I found such a great and caring Chiropractor!"
- Maryellen

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